Tourent Srl

Tourent is made up of bikers willing to combine medium with big sized motorcycle rental,such as BMW R 1250 GS, BMW F 850 GS, BMW F750 GS and BMW F 310 GS, in favour of a sustainable mobility in the urban centres and the natural, artistic and archaeological areas.

We know what the well-travelled biker’s needs are and we offer rental of BMW motorcycles/bikes from a half- day to a 30 day plus package, always insuring both biker and the motorcycle with a Full Risk policy, helmet, BMW back luggage and offering many accessories and complementary services for the travelling bikers, such as:

  • Discount and custom-made kilometer packages
  • Open and modular BMW helmets, GiVi helmets
  • Side bags and internal waterproof bags
  • Technical jackets and gloves
  • Technological accessories motorcycles, intercom, GPS, GPS GARMIN and GoPro
  • 50% insurance relief reduction
  • Delivery or withdrawal of the motorcycle on holiday or Saturday afternoon
  • Postponed delivery or withdrawal of the motorcycle
  • Special rental deals for groups and companies


We have earned our good name thanks to all the care and passion we have put into our work day after day and to the great quality of our rental motorcycles. To maintain our high standards we also selected a Tour Operator as a partner in our motorcycle travel experiences in Italy and abroad. Offering Guided Tours, motorcycle trips assisted by professional guides, always carrying all the needed equipment with them, and the Self Guided Tours, well planned tours for the pleasure of solitary riding on the best roads in complete autonomy.
Dolomites, Tuscany, Sicily, Nice (Fr) are just some of the Guided Tours 7-day length experiences we offer in specific periods of the year. While Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio are some of the Self Guided 3-day ones, available all year round.

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